Tesco Mobile Number

Tesco Mobile Number | 0843 515 9466

Tesco Mobile Number

0843 515 9466

Call the Tesco Mobile Number connection service. Calls cost 7p/min plus your phone providers access charge, we are not affiliated with Tesco Mobile. For Customer Service including help with your mobile phone or account, call the Tesco Mobile Telephone Number on 0843 515 9466 now.

When you Contact Tesco Mobile you will be asked to make a selection on your keypad, based on what type of customer you are. Simply select 1 if you are a Pay as you Go customer, or 2 if you have a Pay Monthly tariff.

There are many reasons to call the Tesco Mobile Number, and their customer care team are more than happy to answer your questions. Some common queries include:

Q. What Network is Tesco Mobile on?

A. The Tesco Mobile Network is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which runs on the O2 network in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This simply means that it uses the O2 network infrastructure to provide competitive coverage of the UK’s population. Virgin Mobile is also an MVNO, based on the EE network.

You can also speak with the sales team to order a new telephone – simply ask the Tesco Mobile Customer Care Advisor to transfer your call to the appropriate department.

Tesco Mobile Number – Opening Hours

You can Contact Tesco Mobile at any time between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am and 8pm Saturday, and 10am and 6pm Sunday. You can also call this Contact Number from your Mobile.

About Tesco Mobile

Tesco mobile has teamed up with O2 to bring you 99% of the UK’s population coverage. Take a look at the network coverage to see if you are covered. With 4.6 million customers Tesco Mobile are one of the UK’s leading network companies.

Tesco Mobile was established in May 2003 and since then is using O2 as its carrier network meaning customers can use both networks.

  • Tesco announced in 2006 that they will enter into a joint venture with O2 Ireland providing more coverage throughout the region.
  • In Hungry Tesco Mobile will become a joint venture providing Tesco network throughout Hungry.
  • Tesco has begun using its network to Slovakia and Czech Republic


Tesco Mobile offers fair and reasonable prices and lots of different phones to choose from. Some contracts with Tesco Mobile can be capped so you will never go over your tariff again. With a capped bill Tesco Mobile will cut you off once you reach your monthly limit, keeping you in control of your spending.

Tesco Mobile offers the chance to upgrade your phone at any time throughout your contract giving you flexibility and meaning you can get the phone you want, whenever you want.

Changing Network

If you are thinking to switch over to Tesco Mobile then you can keep your old number. To do this you will need to ask your old network for a PAC number. Once you have this number just contact Tesco either by text, online or over the phone. Let them know that you wish to move over to Tesco Mobile and a customer service advisor will talk you through the rest.


What are Click & Collect orders

Click & Collect is being made available in Tesco stores all across the UK for pay monthly contracts. When you order a new phone either online or over the phone you will have the option to get your new phone delivered in store or to your home for free.

How do I activate my phone?

To activate your Tesco Mobile all you need to do is make a phone call to any number using your Tesco Mobile. Once you have done this it is recommended that you register your IMEI number to the Immobilsite so it is easier to track your phone if it is lost or stolen.

What are Tesco’s delivery options?

If you have just bought a new phone with Tesco Mobile online or over the phone then there are a few different ways you can get your phone delivered. You can opt for Click & Collect meaning your phone will be delivered to a Tesco store of your choice for you to pick up when you are free. Or you can get your new phone delivered straight to your home address completely free of charge.

Can I take my Tesco Mobile number to a different network?

Yes, you can take your old number with you if you decide to switch to another network. All you will need to do is contact a customer service advisor, let them know what you want to do and ask for a PAC number to give to your other provider.

Is the Tesco app worth getting for my phone?

The Tesco app is a useful thing to have on your device. You can log in to see personal details and details relating to your contract. The app is free to download and easy to use.

If you experience problems with the Tesco Mobile Phone Number, please contact us. We aim to keep the information on this website as up-to-date as possible.

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