Tax Credits Number

Tax Credits Number | 0843 515 9041

Tax Credits Number

0843 515 9041

Call our Tax Credits Number connection service. Calls cost 7p/min plus your phone operators access charge. If you need to make a new claim or complete a renewal, call the Tax Credit Contact Number today on 0843 515 9041. We are not affiliated with Tax Credits.

The Tax Credits Contact Number is available to answer any questions you may have about new and existing claims. Using the buttons on your keypad you can find the answers to questions without even speaking to an operative. In the recorded menu you can hear the answers to some common Tax Credit questions such as: Do I need to renew my Tax Credit Claim? How do I complete my renewal? If you cannot find the specific query you are looking for then you always have the option to speak to an agent. Call the Tax Credit Number on 0843 515 9041 for more information.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Tax Credits also have a very user-friendly website. There, you can find out how to make a new claim, which details you will require in order to receive such benefits as Family Tax Credit. There are many more options to suit all circumstances – you may also be eligible if you have a child, and if you are working. The Tax Credits Helpline representatives are highly trained and will assist you in the fastest time possible.

Many have received letters saying that their payments will be reduced, and are wondering why HMRC would take away such a vital lifeline. If you find yourself in a similar situation then the Tax Credit advisers are ready and standing by to take your call.

For information about Working, Child and Family Tax Credit then visit the Government website. You can also review the Complaints and Appeals process, and check if you are entitled to any benefits.

Tax Credits Number – Opening Hours

You can call the Tax Credit Contact Number between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Friday on 0843 515 9041. Outside of these hours, you can make selections on the recorded menu to find out more information.

Useful Tips When Contacting HMRC

Often, people contact HMRC regarding overpayments, specific changes or regarding incorrect advice given to them by HMRC. It is very important to have evidence of this when complaining about inaccurate information or disputing an overpayment. To do this it’s important to keep track of all phone conversations made to HMRC, the date, name of the person you spoke to and what they said, to refer to as evidence if anything were to go wrong.

Always send letters as recorded delivery meaning HMRC need to sign for the letter so there is a record of whether they received it. It is good practice anyway to keep a copy of any letters sent to companies just in case anything were to go wrong. Keep a copy of all extra information or letters sent with your letter, like tax credit forms and notices.

Tax Calculator

There are numerous tax calculators that can be found online to help you work out the amount of tax you should be paying every week, month or year. It is a good idea to check this to make sure you are being taxed the right amount.

How To Find Out If You Are Eligible For Tax Credits

There are many different circumstances in which you are able to claim tax credits. To find out if you might be eligible visit the Government’s website and fill in the tax credits eligibility questionnaire online.

To find out if you may be eligible for tax credits you will need a rough idea of your household income, before tax and national insurance is deducted.

It is a good idea to use a more detailed and comprehensive tax credit calculator if:

  • You receive highest rate Care Component of Disability Living Allowance
  • You receive the higher rate of Attendance Allowance
  • Your partner has a disability
  • You get the Enhanced Daily Living Component of Personal Independence Payment
  • You need to make a claim to find out for definite if you qualify and how much you’ll get.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this service if you have reached Pension Credit age. If this is the case then you should call the tax credit helpline on 0843 515 9041 and discuss your circumstances further.

How To Claim Tax Benefits

To claim tax benefits you can order a claim form using the online tool or by calling the tax credits office on 0843 515 9041. It can take around two weeks for the claim form to arrive but try to send it back as soon as possible.

You can claim as a single person or as a couple, which is known as a ‘joint claim’. The process is similar but you will need your partner’s information also.

When calling the Tax Credit office to claim tax benefits you will be asked for specific personal information so it is a good idea to have this information to hand. You could be asked for:

  • National insurance number
  • Income for the last tax year
  • Details of any benefits you receive
  • Details of childcare payments
  • Number of hours you work a week

From this, they will be able to give you an estimate over the phone for your tax credits.
If you are contacting using the form, the address is already on the form. If you live in Northern Ireland and you already claim other benefits, you can give this letter to the Social Security Office, or if you are in the UK and already claim benefits, you can hand your form into your local Jobcentre Plus.

If you have any issues completing the form read the guidance notes that are sent with the form. Alternatively you can contact the Tax Credit helpline on 0843 515 9041 or contact Citizens Advice Bureau who will be able to assist you.

Renewing Your Tax Credits

There is a deadline in which you must renew your tax credits. If you have submitted this before the deadline then HMRC will send you an award notice within 8 weeks of receiving your renewal letting you know how much you will receive.

Appeals And Complaints

You can complain about service you have received from HMRC or dispute overpayment decisions when asked to pay back tax credit. To dispute an overpayment to contact HMRC and get the issue resolved. To complain about unsatisfactory service or unfair treatment then contact HMRC. If you think that the tax credit office has made a mistake on your application then contact the helpline to try and get the issue resolved first. Call on 0843 515 9041 and an advisor will be able to help.

Tax Exemption Form

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What are Tax Credits?

Tax Credits are a way to redistribute income to those on a lower wage. There are two types, one for families with children and working tax credits.

What are child Tax Credits?

Child Tax Credits are a form of benefits paid to families who are working, have children but are earning a lower wage.

How are my tax credits paid?

You can decide whether you wish to receive payments weekly or every four weeks. Payment are made in arrears and so are paid at the end of every payment period.

How do I update my information with HMRC?

Changing and updating your information with HMRC depends on your current situation. You can contact them on 0843 515 9041 for more information.

What counts as income for tax credits purposes?

Any money that has been earned from paid work will be assessed for tax credit purposes. Other benefits may be taken into account like JSA and employment allowance.

If you experience problems with this Tax Credits Helpline Number, please contact us. We aim to keep the information on this website as up-to-date as possible.

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