Student Finance Phone Number

Student Finance Phone Number | 0843 515 8695

Student Finance Telephone Number

0843 515 8695

Call our directory service for the Student Finance phone number. Calls cost 7p/min plus your phone networks access charge. For all Student Loan enquiries including eligibility and how to apply, call the Student Finance telephone number on 0843 515 8695 today. We are not affiliated with Student Finance.

Applying for a University course can be difficult enough without the added stress of the cost of getting your degree. Without some form of financial support, most people would find it a struggle to afford their higher education meaning only the wealthy would be able to progress to those better-paid jobs. Contact Student Finance England on 0843 515 8695 if you’re considering applying for a University course but you are worried about whether you will be eligible for a Student Loan. The friendly customer service team are standing by to help you with the application process.

When you call Student Finance, you will be connected to an agent who is qualified to help with all questions and complaints. If you are in the process of completing an existing application or would like to appeal a decision, call the number above for the help you need. Waiting around for an update on your application can take considerable time but you can call for an update today. You can even Contact Student Finance England from abroad by calling the number in the following format: 0044 843 515 8695.

Opening Hours:

You can call the Student Finance contact number between 8am and 8pm Monday – Friday, 9am and 4pm Saturday – Sunday. Outside of these hours, more information can be found about Student Finance within the public domain.

About Student Finance

Student Finance is a Government body that provides loans to students in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland whilst they are in higher education. They run alongside the Student Loans Company who provide the loans and grants to students and work with HM Revenue and Customs for repayments from students.
Student Loans Company was established in 1989 to provide loans and grants to students that choose to study in the UK. Between 1990 to 1998, loans were given out in a mortgage style loan that aimed to help students with the cost of living while studying, and this money was repaid to the Student Loans Company. From 1998 the tuition fee was introduced and Student Finance began providing loans under an income assessed scheme. These loans were repaid to HMRC via the PAYE tax system.


Students can apply for student finance online, using the online application form via HMRC. Students can apply for:

  • Tuition Fee Loans
  • Maintenance Loans
  • Maintenance Grants
  • Advanced Learner Loans

Students can apply for student finance up to nine months after the start of the academic year of your studies. Due to the hectic time of year for Student Finance, it is best to apply for your Student Finance Loan as early as possible.

Either log into your online account on or you can download the application form and apply via post. If you have any issues or questions during the application process, then contact Student Finance England on the contact number above. Here an advisor will be able to help resolve your issue.


If you are unhappy with the service you have received or you feel Student Finance have not dealt with your application process comprehensively, you may wish to complain. The best way to do this is to phone Student Finance on the contact number above and speak to an advisor. Here you can outline your grievance and the representative will try and resolve the issue. If the issue is still not resolved then you can log a formal complaint using Student Finances formal complaints process.

Want to find out more about making a complaint to Student Finance? Contact them using the phone number above and get your issue resolved.


When should I apply for Student Finance?

It is important to apply for Student Finance as easy as possible to ensure that payments are received on time. This is a busy time of year for the Student Loans Company and so it can take a while for your application to be processed and takes around 6 weeks. You can apply up to 9 months before your higher educational studies and so it is advised to apply as soon as possible.

If you are having any issues applying for Student Finance then you should contact them on the telephone number listed above. A member of the team will be able to advise you on what to do next.  

Will I need to apply separately to receive different grants and loans from Student Finance?

No, you will only need to submit one application for tuition fee. Because your loan is income assessed, Student Finance will update you on any other loans or grants that are applicable to you. Any other assistance loans like Disability Allowance and child maintenance loans will be put on the main application form and assessed.

Still have a question about how to apply? Call Student Finance to speak to a trained representative. They will be able to advise you on what steps to take next and will help you complete your application.

When will I find out how much money I will get?

Once your application has been processed then you will receive a letter from Student Finance, outlining the amount you will receive during your studies. This will state how much tuition fee, maintenance loan and any grants you will receive. If you feel there has been a mistake on your application or anything has changed within your circumstances, you should contact Student Finance on the phone number above to speak to an advisor. They will be able to advise you on what to do next.

If you experience problems with this Student Loans Contact Number then please contact us. We aim to keep the information on this website as up-to-date as possible.

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