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Job Centre Plus | 0843 515 9049

Job Centre Contact Number

0843 515 9049

Call our Job Centre Plus Contact Number connection service. Calls cost 7p/min plus your phone operators access charge. If you need to arrange an appointment, apply for a Crisis Loan, or if you just need help finding a job – call the Job Centre Plus Contact Number on 0843 515 9049. We are not affiliated with the Job Centre.

For some people, finding work can be a difficult task and can sometimes feel like a full time job in itself. Even the most qualified people have faced the struggles of unemployment. The Jobcentre Plus have many jobs to offer, helping you find the job you want.

Luckily, the Jobcentre also cater for those Job Seekers who are out of work against their will. If you’re finding it impossible to get a job and make ends meet, you may be eligible to receive benefits. Jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) helps you to pay the bills while you are looking for work, and is usually available to anyone over 18. The application process typically involves attending an interview. You can find out more about how to apply for Job Seekers Allowance (or JSA) by calling the Job Centre Contact Number on 0843 515 9049.

Job Centre Contact Number – Opening Hours

You can call the Jobcentre Plus Contact Number between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Friday on 0843 515 9049.

To look for work or other Job Centre plus benefits then visit their website. You can apply for JSA online, or search for your local office.

How Can Jobcentre Plus Help?

You can contact Jobcentre Plus for new benefit claims, existing benefit claims or canceling or changing an appointment you have made.

Jobcentre Plus is a Government funded organisation found in many cities across the UK to help those of working age look for employment and provide support and assistance to the unemployed.

Register with the Universal Jobmatch to look for jobs, save job searches, upload your CV and track your past applications. To register with the Universal Jobmatch you will need your Government Gateway number. Remember to keep this safe as you will need it to log back in at a later date. You will then need to verify your email address.

Call Charges

To contact Jobcentre Plus by phone there may be charges depending on your service provider or whether you’re using a landline or mobile. You can use the code 0845 to call any 0345 numbers if this will be cheaper for yourself. Just check with your service provider before calling to find out.

Check to see call charges for UK phone numbers here.

Check to See What Benefits You Could Claim

To see what benefits you may be able to claim you can use the online benefits calculator for an estimate. These are free to use and are anonymous so it is a very good idea to use before contacting the Jobcentre Plus. To use the calculator you will need accurate information about your savings, income including partners and anyone living with you, existing benefits and pensions including those living with you, outgoings and council tax bill. From this you will be able to work out what benefits you could potentially get.

Anyone can use the benefits calculator unless you are under 18 years old. The calculators will not give an accurate representation for prisoners, students, non British or Irish citizens, are on strike, are living outside of the UK or living in residential care or nursing home.

Cancelling or Changing Appointment

To cancel or change your appointment you will need to contact the Jobcentre Plus to let them know. Contact them by telephone between Monday and Friday from 8am to 6pm on:

  • For Universal Credit appointments call 0345 600 0723 from your landline or mobile and let them know. Or you can use textphone on 0345 600 0743 or call 0345 600 3018 for Welsh Language
  • For any other appointments call 0345 604 3719 on your landline or mobile. Alternatively, you can use textphone on 0345 608 8551 or get a call in the Welsh language on 0345 604 4248

Make a Complaint About Jobcentre Plus

To make a complaint about any unsatisfactory service from the Jobcentre Plus you will need to follow their complaints procedure. To do this you will need to contact the office that you wish to complain about and let them know you are unsatisfied by the service and why. The office in question will aim to resolve your complaint and put things right.

You can contact them in person, on the phone or in writing. Make sure to include the following information when contacting the Jobcentre Plus:

  • National Insurance number – unless you are an employer
  • Full name, address and contact numbers
  • What happened, when it happened and how it affected you
  • what you want to happen to put things right


What is Universal Jobmatch?

Universal Jobmatch is a free service allowing you to search and apply for jobs around the UK. You don’t have to be registered to use the Universal Jobmatch but it allows you to use loads of other features like saving searches and applications.

If you are eligible to receive JSA, how often will I get paid?

You will usually receive payments for Job Seekers Allowance every two weeks. All of these payments will be made into your bank account.

What’s the Maximum amount of Job Seekers Allowance I could get?

For those ages 18 – 24 the maximum JSA you can receive is £57.90. For those that are 25 years old or above the maximum is £73.10 and couples can receive a maximum of £114.85.

Do I have to pay anything to use the Jobcentre Plus?

No, the Jobcentre Plus is a free service for those without employment.

If you experience problems with this Job Centre Helpline, please contact us. We aim to keep the information on this website as up-to-date as possible.

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