Housing Benefit Contact Number

Housing Benefit Contact Number | 0843 515 8107

Housing Benefit Contact Number

0843 515 8107

Call the Housing Benefit Contact Number connection service on the number listed above. This is a call connection service, calls cost 7p/min plus your phone operators access charge. We are not affiliated with Housing Benefit.

You can Contact Housing Benefits between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. You will be connected to the Jobcentre Plus who will assist with claiming alongside your other benefits.

Q. Can I claim Housing Benefit?

A. You may be eligible to get Housing Benefits if you pay rent and your savings are less than £16,000. You may also be able to claim if you’re on a low income and claiming other benefits. If you’re under 35 and are currently single, you can only apply for Housing Benefit if you are living in shared accommodation or in a bed-sit. If you’re currently claiming other benefits then simply call the Housing Benefits Contact Number on 0843 515 8107. Your call will be handled by the Jobcentre Plus who will send your claim details to your local council. If you are making a new claim then you can call the Housing Benefit Phone Number for the address details of your local council. You will then need to send form HCTB1 directly to them.

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About Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a benefit that can be claimed in the UK for those that are on a low income. It is a contribution towards the rent they pay every month for their property. If eligible, you could receive money to cover part of, or all of your rent depending on your income and how much money you earn.

You can qualify for Housing Benefit if you are employed or unemployed. Housing Benefits can only be used for rent and won’t be accepted to use for heating, gas, water or to pay any bills.

Who Is Eligible?

You will be eligible for Housing Benefits if you:

  • Pay rent
  • Are on a low income or claiming benefits
  • Have less than £16,000 in savings
  • If you live with a partner, only one of you can get Housing Benefit.

To check if you might be eligible for Housing Benefits then use the Government’s benefit calculator to estimate the amount you might be entitled to.

You usually won’t qualify for Housing Benefits if:

  • Savings are over £16,000 – unless you get Guarantee credit of Pension Credit
  • You live in the home of a close relative
  • You’re a full-time student – unless you’re disabled or have children
  • You’re residing in the UK as an European Economic Area jobseeker
  • You’re an asylum seeker or sponsored to be in the UK
  • You’re subject to immigration control and you’re granted leave states that you can’t claim public funds

Change of Circumstances

If you receive Housing Benefits and your circumstances change then you will need to let them know. Contact an advisor on 0843 515 8107 and update them on your current situation. Your circumstances could be changed if for example, a child leaves school, your rent changes, you go away for more than 1 month.

How To Make a Claim

If you are in receipt of any other benefits then you will need to apply for Housing Benefits through your local Jobcentre Plus. From there Jobcentre Plus will send through the details of your claim over to your local Council.

If you are not in receipt of any other benefits then you will need to apply for housing benefits through your local council. All applications will go through them and not through the Home Office website. To find out more about how to apply then contact an advisor on 0843 515 8107 and they should be able to help.


What if my housing benefit doesn’t cover my rent?

If your housing benefit doesn’t cover your rent then you may be entitled to ‘discretionary housing payments from your local council.

What if I get a job or a pay rise?

If you get a job or work more hours and earn more money then your benefit might become less. If you still need help paying rent then it is possible to get an extension on your housing benefit until your first pay cheque.

How do i claim housing benefits?

You don’t need to apply or claim for housing benefits, your council should write to you if you are eligible to receive housing benefits.

How can I appeal my housing benefit decision?

To appeal a decision made in regards to your housing benefit application you will need to contact your local council who are the ones that deal and handle all housing benefit claims. Alternatively you can speak to an advisor on 0843 515 8107 and they will be happy to help and explain the council’s appeals process.

What is the benefit cap?

There is a cap on the amount of benefits a person over 16 years old can claim in the UK. If you are affected by this then your housing benefit will go down as a result, to make sure you are still receiving your other benefits.

If you experience any problems then please contact us. We aim to keep the information on this website as up-to-date as possible.

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