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Home Office Contact Number | 0843 515 9478

Home Office Contact Number

0843 515 9478

Call the Home Office Contact Number connection service. Calls cost 7p/min plus your phone operators access charge, we are not affiliated with the Home Office. For assistance with UK Immigration, Passports, Criminal Records and more call the Home Office Telephone Number on 0843 515 9478.

The UK Home Office is a department of the UK Government, sometimes known as the Home Department. It is made up of agencies, inspectorates and public bodies. These in turn oversee the Immigration, Security and Law services provided in the United Kingdom. Some of these include the Police, the UK Border Agency, Passport Offices, Counter Terrorism Units and much more. It is recommended that you call the Home Office Contact Number if you require more specific information regarding one of these agencies.

If you Contact the Home Office on 0843 515 9478, you will immediately be presented with 5 options. Make a selection on your phone’s keypad from the following menu:

  1. For immigration, Work permits, Nationality or Visa enquiries.
  2. Home Office Publications.
  3. Identity and Passport Services.
  4. Criminal Records Bureau.
  5. For all other Home Office Enquiries.

Home Office Address

If you prefer not to call the Home Office Number and would rather send a letter, or if you need to put a complaint in writing then this can be sent to the following address:

Direct communications unit,
2 Marsham Street,

Home Office Contact Number – Opening Hours

The Home Office Contact Number is available from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. During these hours you will be able to speak to an agent who can help. For information only, you can select from the automated menu options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About The Home Office

The Home Office is a ministerial department of the Her Majesty’s Government in the UK. They are responsible for many different governing bodies including HM Passport Office, Emergency Services and Immigration. Their main role is to keep citizens of the United Kingdom safe and protected. The Home office has been at the forefront of this since 1782.

On 27 March 1782, the Home Office was formed by renaming the existing Southern Department, with all existing staff transferring over to the Home Office. Since then they have been given more and more responsibilities and government agencies to organise and maintain.

The Home Office is involved in the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, transport security, cyber security and much more. They are supported by 28 agencies and public bodies like

  • HM Passport Office
  • Border Force
  • UK Visas and Immigration
  • Immigration Enforcement
  • Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser

The initial responsibilities of the Home Office were:

  • Answering petitions and addresses sent to the King
  • Advising the King on
  • Royal grants
  • Warrants and commissions
  • The exercise of Royal Prerogative
  • Responsibilities have substantially increased

Freedom of Information

Due to the Home Office being an official Government body they must be transparent with their information. Under the Freedom of Information Act, they must respond to any requests from the public concerning the unveiling of any information that is not classified information.

To do this you should look to see their previous releases of information and see if the request you have falls under that. If it doesn’t then you can make a request for that specific piece of information you require by letter or by email.

Write to them on:

Freedom of Information requests

Direct communications unit

2 Marsham Street



Or email your request: foirequests@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

Complaints To The Home Office

If you feel dissatisfied with the service you have received from the Home Office then you should complain using their complaints procedure. To do this it will be good to contact the Home Office on their customer service number which is 0843 515 9478. There you will be able to speak to an advisor about your complaint and find out where to take it next.

If you have a complaint about the Home Office then it is a mandatory requirement to let them know of your complaint, to give them time to rectify the problem. If you cannot get your complaint resolved then you will need to log a formal complaint with the complaints department. To do this you can contact a customer advisor on 0843 515 9478. If the issue is still not resolved then it may be worth moving your complaint with the relevant ombudsman.

When initially contacting the Home Office then you will need the following details to hand. Full details of your complaint, the area of the home office that you wish to complain about, contact name if you have one, information as to whether this is an original complaint or a follow-up to an existing one, a clear description of your complaint and what you would like the Home Office to do about this complaint. Your full postal address, phone number, and email. They aim to respond to all complaints within 20 working days unless stated otherwise.


What is the Home Office?

The Home Office is a Government body that oversees the safety and security of citizens in the UK. They have 28 bodies within them and are directly responsible for the oversight of the police and crime, counter-terrorism strategies and immigration.

What is the Home Secretary?

The Home Secretary is a member of the Government that has overall responsibility for crime policy, immigration, counter-terrorism, and passports, They are in charge of the Home Office and is a Senior Cabinet Minister.

Do we have access to information from the Home Office?

Yes, UK citizens have access to information from the Home Office, whether it be from studies they have conducted, data they have collected relating to certain things like crime and immigration to prisons and passports. You can also get access to any other documentation as long as you submit a request for information and the Home Office grants you that access. They are a Government body so they need to be transparent with as much as they are able to.

What are the main responsibilities of the Home Office?

The Home Office’s responsibilities have grown slowly since its creation in 1792. Their main responsibilities today are:

  • Working on problems caused by illegal drug use
  • Developing the alcohol strategy and policy
  • Counter-terrorism strategy
  • Reducing and preventing crime
  • Controlling immigration
  • Considering applications to enter and stay in the UK
  • Issuing passports and visas
  • Supporting visible, responsible and accountable policing by empowering the public and freeing up the police to fight crime
  • Fire prevention and rescue

Where is the Home Office based?

The Home Office has their main office in London. They do have other staff located around the UK in various places. To find out more about where the Home Office is located head over to their website or call 0843 515 9478 to speak to an advisor.

If you experience problems with the Home Office Telephone Number, please contact us. We aim to keep the information on this website as up-to-date as possible.

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