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Direct Line Car Insurance Number | 0843 515 9083

Direct Line Car Insurance Number

0843 515 9083

Call our connection service for Direct Line Car Insurance. Calls cost 7p/min plus your phone operators access charge. To contact Direct Line for information on car insurance and how to claim, call Direct Line Car Insurance Helpline – 0843 515 9083 now. We are not affiliated with Direct Line.

When you call the Direct Line Car Insurance Number you will have three options to choose from. Option 1: If you are an existing Motor Policy holder. Option 2: If you would like to make a claim, or if you have an open claim in progress. Option 3: If you are not a policyholder but wish to join. By selecting the correct option on your keypad you can be sure that your call will be answered by the most qualified agent.

The company started life in 1985, selling only car insurance. They have since become famous for their branding – in particular the red telephone on wheels seen in all of their TV adverts. Now they have a product for everyone’s needs, whether it’s travel, pet, business or home insurance.

Direct Line Car Insurance advisors can offer you the best deal on your car insurance, and will even cover you if you drive a van! They also offer breakdown cover which extends into Europe – especially handy for making those trips across the border. Their unique ‘multi-car discount’ gets you massive discounts of 10% for every car you insure. If you’re lucky enough to have a household of drivers then rest assured your savings will be astronomical!

Direct Line Car Insurance Number – Opening Hours

You can call the Direct Line Insurance Contact Number during the following hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 5pm on 0843 515 9083.

Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance is useful when you need to drive someone else’s car or add another person to your own car on a temporary basis. With Direct Line, you can do this easily and you are covered on nearly every vehicle. The only real exclusion for temporary car insurance is for modified cars.

Drive Plus

Drive Plus is a great way to save money on your car insurance. It includes a black box that is fitted to your car so your speed and driving are monitored and checked. This will bring down the cost of your car insurance so Direct Line can rest assured that you are a safe driver.


This is a great idea for first-time drivers and students as it can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance and can make you an even safer driver.


If you are under 26 years old then you will be given an upfront discount on your policy if you register today. Just call Direct Line today on 0843 515 9083 to find out more

Multi-car Insurance

Multi-car insurance allows you to ensure more than one car at the same address. You can insure them all under the same policy making it cheaper for everyone. If you do this, for example with your family, then you can get a discount on your policy. If another person under the policy has an accident then this will not affect anyone else’s ‘no claims bonus’ making it easy for your whole family. Each individual car can keep its own original start date so it is less hassle to start up.


To find out more about multi-car insurance or have any question, contact Direct Line car insurance on 0843 515 9083.

Student Car Insurance

Unfortunately student car insurance tends to be the most expensive because they are usually young or first-time drivers, with many living in busy cities for their studies. This can increase the cost of insurance. However opting for the Drive Plus policy with Direct Line, you can get massive savings on your car insurance policy.





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How can I make changes to my details?

If there are any changes to your details then you need to update Direct Line as soon as possible. Contact them on  0843 515 9083 to keep them updated.

What detail changes need to be disclosed straight away?

If the address of where you keep your car changes then this needs to be brought to the attention of Direct Line as soon as possible. It is also important to update Direct Line in the instance of you (the policyholder) changes job and if anyone covered by the policy passes their driving test.

Can I get a courtesy car if I have been involved in an accident?

Yes depending on the type of insurance you have. A courtesy car will be provided if you have Comprehensive cover. They will provide you will a small hatchback to try not to disrupt your schedule too much.

Can I drive any car?

Before you drive anyone else’s car, you need to make sure that either you or the other cars policy covers you. With Direct Line, the Private Policy allows you to drive any car. To find out if your insurance covers driving other cars then check your certificate of insurance or contact Direct Line on 0843 515 9083.

Will my Direct Line insurance cover me for driving abroad?

No. your insurance will not be able to cover you for driving abroad. Instead, you need to get additional insurance with any hire car you use when abroad.

If you experience problems with this Direct Line Car Number, please contact us. We aim to keep the information on this website as up to date as possible. Why not visit their website where you can also get a quote online?

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